Door Access Control

Watchmen Security knows you want to be a protector for your employees, property owners, and tenants. We believe that simple door access control systems are the best way to do just that. 

We understand you need things to be simpler and safer for your employees, owners, and tenants, which is why we are the most trusted provider in Kansas City for eliminating metal keys and bringing everything to the cloud. Stop being stressed out about managing metal keys, locksmiths, plastic key cards and servers in closets. Instead, become the security champion you have always wanted to be.

Accessing and securing your business using traditional metal keys can be a nuisance and time consuming. Metal keys are easy to copy and lose. What’s more, you may have to re key a lock when an employee or tenant leaves without surrendering the company keys.  Service calls from locksmiths add up to big dollars over time.

The good news is there’s a better alternative to these conventional metal keys. Watchmen Security offers door access control solutions for business owners and property managers. With our door access control security solution, your company can bid farewell to easy-to-misplace keys and begin using smart business security technology.  

Watchmen Security is the largest dealer of Brivo door access control systems in the midwest. Brivo is the world’s leader in cloud-based door access control.  With over 20 years in the cloud and over 25 million Brivo users across the globe, Brivo is the most experienced cloud-based door access control system on the market. That means years of peace of mind for Brivo customers everywhere.

Commercial Security Systems

Benefits you’ll enjoy when you install an access control system in your property:

  • Easy Access: keycards, phones, and pins make access a breeze.
  • Cost Effective Security: you’ll save time and money without hiring a security guard.
  • Visitor Tracking: you should know who is coming and going on your property.
  • Data Protection: sensitive information stored on-site can be better protected.
  • Safer Environment: keep unauthorized and unwanted people off your premises. 

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Watchmen Security Services is proud to be the largest dealer and installer of Brivo door access control systems in the entire Midwest. Brivo is the original cloud-based access control solution and is trusted by millions of users to protect and secure their buildings and their assets. They lead the industry in technology and usability through their innovative and intuitive applications and software system. There are many benefits to consider when dealing with access control systems, here are some.  

Do I have to physically change the locks?

Lock and Unlock Doors Wherever You Are – You don’t need to be physically present to let an authorized employee or visitor inside your business premises. With a few taps on your smartphone or any other device, you can unlock and lock doors from any location.

Can I revoke access when necessary?

Revoke Access for Employees or Tenants – If your employees quit or abandon the company, or if a tenant’s lease expires, you may easily deactivate their keycard or Brivo mobile pass to keep your business premises secure.

Is this system programmable?

Create Automated Locking Rules – You may set up auto-arm and disarm policies for your security system. With this feature, the doors on your commercial property automatically unlock and lock at specific times and days of your choosing.

Do I have to use the app?

With Brivo you are also in control of how doors are opened and closed.  You can choose a traditional key card, a numbered keypad or Brivo’s Mobile Pass.  The mobile pass is a simple app that everyone can easily download on their devices that allows the user to open doors and gates with the push of a button on their phones.

What types of properties can I secure?

Whether your need is for enterprise or small business, multifamily or vacation rentals, Brivo will give you insights to the behavior of the people at your facilities so you can serve them better.

Is it only for doors?

Brivo easily integrates with parking lot and garage gates, video intercoms and visitor management systems as well.  At Watchmen Security we install MVI video intercom call boxes.  This Brivo integration allows all of your tenants to work off of one keycard, fob or mobile pass the entire time they are on your property.

Can I use multiple locations?

Brivo allows you to put all of your locations on one pane of glass.  No more hopping around from one website to another. You can even connect video surveillance and visitor management all onto the one screen.

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