Commercial Security

At Watchmen Security we know you want to be the protector of your employees and tenants in your commercial buildings. Let us help you create the safe working environment that protects you from being a target. 

We believe that you, your employees, and your tenants deserve to feel safe. The problem is, your building is a target for intruders, which puts you and your most valuable assets at risk. We understand how violating it is to be victimized which is why we successfully protect thousands of people in the Kansas City Area every day. Here’s how we do it:


  • Discovering your needs
  • Designing the right system
  • Installing and deploying

Watchmen Security has experience in almost all commercial building applications.  Traditional commercial building categories are office, industrial,education, government, retail and multifamily.  Other categories where we have experience are healthcare, hospitality, mixed use, religious, parking structures, senior living, sports and recreation. If you have a commercial building security need we are here to be your trusted source. When you are looking for a Kansas City security company you have many options. The right security system can make all the difference in the world and there is a great deal of loss at stake.

Watchmen Security Services right here in Kansas City can deliver a variety of choices to fit your lifestyle and automation needs. Our systems have many options to choose from for your business. With Watchmen’s systems you have the ability to automate your system to fit you and your needs.

You have the ability to set schedules, receive notifications based on alarms, arming, disarming, early close, early arrival and so on. You will also have the ability to change thermostat settings remotely, unlock or lock doors, add or delete users, check credentials and much more. Our customers find our services to be very customizable and help them be more efficient in their day to day functions as a whole.

While we offer individual services, like intrusion systems, access control systems and video surveillance, we also have the ability to integrate all three systems into one, offering a top-of-the-line business management tool. We service medium to large business applications and offer enterprise level solutions, as well, with our integration packages.

Commercial Security Systems

Our security systems typically involve the following elements.

  • Intrusion Systems, also known as Alarm Systems 
  • Video Surveillance, also known as Security Cameras
  • Access Control, also known as Card Swipe or Card Reader Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems

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Our Commercial Security Systems typically involve 4 primary elements. Intrusion Alarms, Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Fire Protection. We have provided some additional information here so that you can learn more about what these systems are and how they can help protect your commercial property. These products help to protect thousands of people all across the Kansas City Area each and every day. 

What is a security alarm (intrusion alarm) system?

Intrusion systems are often composed of elements like door contacts, motion detectors and glass breaks.  The purpose of an intrusion system is to notify the building owners when a breach has occurred and intruders are attempting to enter a building without permission. Most intrusion systems include a horn or talk down speaker on site and a live monitoring station used to notify building owners and local law enforcement if a dispatch is warranted. A well-designed and installed intrusion system should be considered the bare minimum for any commercial business or building.  This scope is fairly simple and most local security companies are capable of installing intrusion systems.

What is a security camera (video surveillance) system?

A commercial video surveillance system or camera security system is the next layer of commercial security.  This scope typically includes both outdoor and indoor security cameras tied to a video management system.  This scope is where we find a good amount of poor design and installation from our competitors. Our security camera systems are all on cloud-based systems where the customer can view their cameras live on any device.  Competitor systems often involve on-site servers and when we arrive to fix their systems we find that many cameras are not even working and the client is not aware of that status.  Cloud-based video systems like Eagle Eye provide the best customer experience and are best suited for law enforcement and insurance claims.

What is a door access control system?

A commercial door access system is the best way for commercial buildings and businesses to control who is entering and exiting the building and getting into secure areas.  We design and install the Brivo door access system in commercial buildings across the midwest.  Brivo is an international company that has been in the cloud-based door access business for over 20 years and currently has over 25 million users. The cloud-based user experience is exceptional and authorized users can track movement from any device anywhere in the U.S. Property Managers love that they can track all of their properties on one pane of glass with Brivo.

What is a fire protection system?

Fire protection is the final security scope provided by Watchmen Security. This scope is often dictated by local municipalities and obviously is an important life safety function of any commercial building. Watchmen Security can be your one source for everythi9ng commercial security related including fire protection.  Our commercial building customers love that we are their one call for fire related matters as well.  Turn to Watchmen Security for your fire installation, annual test and inspect and fire monitoring needs.  If you have a current system and would like to get competitive pricing on the fire monitoring feel free to call us or fill out one of our website forms.

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