Intrusion Alarm System

Watchmen Security knows that you want to be the guardian of your employees and your family. The problem is that your home and business are a target for intruders. Let us help you create a safe and secure environment.

Schedule a free consultation today and stop worrying. Be the protector your employees and family can count on. Don’t let the safety of your people and family be determined by a do it yourself system purchased at a big box store or online.  Our professionally designed and deployed systems typically include door contacts, motion detectors, door access, security cameras loaded with the latest artificial intelligence technology and the safety of cloud based security.  If high-level quality and service are important to you, Watchmen Security is your answer.

Property crimes, such as trespassing, burglary, and vandalism, are the most commonly committed crimes in the U.S. According to a report from USA Today, Americans reported 7.2 million of these crimes.

If you own a multifamily building, home or a commercial building, you’ll need to take steps to protect your valuable investment. Watchmen Security provides and installs intrusion detection and prevention systems that deter criminals from entering your property illegally.

We offer top-of-the-line perimeter intrusion detection systems for residential and commercial property owners. Our surveillance, monitoring, and alarm systems create a presence that will make criminals say, “This looks like a difficult target” and back off. The sight of our logo will make these unsavory individuals think twice about infiltrating your premises.

Intrusion devices like door contacts, motion detectors and glass break detectors are among the most affordable and effective tactics for protecting what is important to you. Intrusion devices are often the first line of defense for both residential and commercial security applications. While more technically complicated devices like security cameras get most of the attention; intrusion devices typically are the first devices to notify the monitoring stations when an intruder trips an alarm.  Often the alarm sounds and security officers are dispatched when the bad guys are attempting to enter a restricted area and are detected by a motion detector, open a door with door contacts or break a window or glass door and are alerted by a glass break device.

Especially on commercial buildings we are often contacted by building owners and property managers that want us to install security cameras and door access devices.  When we mention intrusion detection as a primary layer of security as well, they are often surprised by the affordability and effectiveness of adding intrusion devices to their security camera and door access security solution. Our highly trained Watchmen Security technicians are experts in designing and deploying the right types of intrusion devices for your needs.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

The features and benefits of an intrusion alarm system are:

  • Responsive Personnel: Our skilled staff deliver the best service and security.
  • Multiple Stations: We employ three stations across the country to ensure protection in an emergency.
  • Remote Capable: Monitor and configure your system anytime, anywhere.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Our professional series detectors minimize the likelihood of false alarms. 
  • Perimeter Security and Verification: Our team will install professional grade equipment and verify signals in real time.

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Intrusion Alarm Systems are your best and first line of defense against unwanted persons on your property. Whether it’s your private home or your office or apartment building. Regardless of the kind of property you want to protect, we have solutions that help keep you safe. 

What type of alarm systems do you offer?

All of our alarm systems and intrusion systems are cellular based.  You don’t need wifi for them to operate.  You can arm and disarm the system and check the status of your system from your phone or other device.

Can I use our existing system?

Normally yes, we can use the components of your current system which will save you money.  Typically we use your current components and then just replace the “brains” of your system.

Is there a warranty on my system?

Yes.  You pay a small monthly fee for Watchmen Security to monitor your system in case law enforcement needs to be dispatched.  All of our current and active intrusion systems customers receive a limited lifetime parts and labor warranty.

What components are involved?

Typical features are door contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, door locks, door bells, smoke detectors, garage door detectors and thermostats.

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