Surveillance Cameras

At Watchmen Security we know you want to be the protector of your most valuable assets. Let us help you create the safe working environment that protects your employees, tenants, and buildings.  

Dome Cameras

One of the most popular styles of cameras, this utilizes a plastic dome cover to help conceal the camera and protect it from damage. We do not suggest using dome cameras for outside applications due to damage from the elements.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet style cameras are great for outdoor applications since the sealed enclosure decreases the likelihood of service. With infrared technology, these cameras are useful in low-light outdoor situations. Small but powerful cameras. 

We understand how scary it is to have an incident and no video to review. This is why we have thousands of customers who trust us to have their security video on demand when they need it. Our cloud-based security systems with providers like Eagle Eye offer the data security of the cloud.  Eagle Eye customers can view their camera security video on any device they choose and from anywhere in the U.S..  Many of our commercial customers have multiple locations and with Eagle Eye as their system, they can access all of their locations video live or recorded on one pane of glass.

Video monitoring systems are a security surveillance system that lets you see the activities happening inside and around your home or business. Having state-of-the-art security cameras installed in your home or business lets you identify the people entering and exiting your space. This means you can protect your people and your property 24/7.

When it comes to commercial applications, you can also monitor staff work and company processes. All while recording valuable data on production events or incidents. Having a camera security system will help deter theft on your premises.  We are the leader in deploying thermal security cameras and cameras with artificial intelligence that identify human intrusion into outdoor commercial areas.

Turret Cameras

Turret, or eyeball, security cameras are as versatile and attractive of a style of camera that you could ask for. The ball and socket design allows for swift movement from a compact design that doesn’t affect image quality. 

Thermal Cameras

Watchmen Security has become the market leader in the utilization of thermal security cameras. The ultimate detection device for outdoor environments, thermal security cameras work regardless of the elements. 

As soon as these specific security cameras detect intruders they activate outdoor talk down speakers that send a loud audio message that they must leave the premises immediately.  If the intruders remain a live Watchmen security agent that is monitoring the video comes on the talk down speaker and delivers one more live audio warning.  If the intruders persist, local law enforcement is dispatched immediately to your location.  Thermal security cameras and cameras with artificial intelligence are becoming the new standard with commercial clients focused on using outdoor surveillance cameras to stop crimes before they happen and identifying trouble proactively.

When searching for outdoor security cameras and CCTV surveillance in Kansas City, many only trust one name: Watchmen Security. We are a security monitoring and security camera installation company in Kansas City with years of experience. We will help you discover which solutions will work best for your needs. Most local security companies simply do not have this expertise.

Our experts design the system based on your needs and work within your budget. We will complete the project on time so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Some of the most popular styles of cameras, and surveillance services we offer are:

  • Dome style security cameras
  • Bullet style security cameras
  • Thermal imaging security cameras
  • Turret style security cameras
  • 24/7 video recording systems
  • Live video feed systems
  • Video recording systems
  • Door bell cameras 
  • Video analytics 

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When it comes to home security and protecting your business, a security camera monitoring system can be the most reliable form of supervision. The video footage can be used to review and understand the nature of the crime, and even identify criminals. 

The security cameras that we install record and stream HD video and our cloud based streaming solution, Eagle Eye, enables you to watch anytime, anywhere, from any device.

What is the importance of video surveillance?

The importance of high-quality video surveillance systems when it comes to protecting what matters to you cannot be stressed enough. It is vital that you take the necessary steps to make sure that your residence and workplace are safe. We offer top of the line security cameras in the Kansas City region. Along with our best-in-class security monitoring and expert surveillance camera installation. Our high standard of professionalism and expertise helped us become one of the most trusted security companies in the area. So if you need a camera for security Watchmen Security is a great choice.

Can you automate and monitor my system?

As a full-service security installation company, we go beyond protecting your home or office from theft and other criminal activity. Our systems can also look over your property while you’re away. Apart from keeping an eye on things by recording video, our security system can control other parts of your house or commercial building. You can control doors, thermostats, lights, windows and have early flood detection with Smart Office, Smart Apartment and Smart Home technology.

What kind of properties is this best for?

Our surveillance monitoring systems are suitable for various types of residential and commercial properties. We monitor condos, apartments, industrial plants, warehouses, car dealerships, construction lots, parking lots and more in the Kansas City Area. With our top-of-the-line CCTV and cloud-based  monitoring equipment, rest assured that our security solutions will keep your property safe 24/7.

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