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Watchmen Security is the leader in multifamily security, door access, video surveillance, and fire protection systems. The largest developers in the Midwest depend on us to design and deploy the latest in security technology.

We are proud to feature Brivo Smart Apartment as our holistic solution.  Brivo is a global door access control company doing business in over 40 countries and with over 25 million users in excess of 300 million square feet. The Brivo platform addresses multifamily access control, video surveillance identity management, mobile device management, visitor management and data analytics. It is one of the few systems that can put smart apartments, office access, video cameras, parking management and visitor control all on one screen for the property manager.


With Watchmen Security and Brivo Smart Apartments the tenants have seamless one fob/mobile pass access to their units, amenity spaces, building doors, guest access, elevators,  parking garages and lots.  We deliver one mobile app to open doors, control in-unit Smart Apartment features, submit work orders and even pay their rent.  Popular Smart Apartment features that are most common are doors, thermostats, lights, water sensors, water shutoffs, and home assistants like Alexa.  Property managers like the ease of adding and deleting residents in just a few minutes, no longer dealing with metal keys and locksmiths and Brivo’s self guided tours option.

Today’s renters are demanding safer and better technology and it is an important differentiator when they choose where to live.  63% of renters say they would move out of a community due to a lack of good security.  Over 61 percent claimed that they are likely to rent an apartment specifically because of its electronic access features.  If your multifamily property does not have smart apartment technology you are losing out on prospective tenants and becoming less competitive in the market. Our goal is to deliver you the best in seamless, secure and intelligent places to work, live and play.

If you currently own or manage a multifamily property there are several questions to consider. 1.  How high is market demand in your area for apartments?  2.  What is your liquidity status?  3.  How will residential life be disrupted during the smart apartment transition?  4.  How many units do you manage or own?

Unit Increase $35/m 12 months $420/y
Building Increase $420/y 200 units $84k/y
Value Increase NOI – Cap $84k – 5% $1.68Million


After answering these questions we can help you determine the best option for you.  Should we retrofit the property all at once or do each unit upon vacancy?  Should we retrofit common areas only, highest end units only, raise rents upon completion or give residents the option to opt in for Brivo Smart Apartment technology upgrades?  Each property is unique and we can help you make the best decision.  Ultimately it will come down to your return on investment.  Here is a calculation we have found to be useful in determining the long-term value of Brivo Smart Apartment retrofits.

As you can see for most investors Brivo Smart Apartment technology just makes sense.  No wonder most of the major multifamily developers in the U.S. are choosing the international strength of Brivo Smart Apartments to increase property values, net operating income and their residents’ quality of life experience.  We welcome your inquiries on how we can help you move your multifamily investment forward and future-proof your market competitiveness.

Multifamily Security Systems

Our security systems typically involve the following elements.

  • Intrusion Systems, also known as Alarm Systems 
  • Video Surveillance, also known as Security Cameras
  • Access Control, also known as Card Swipe or Card Reader Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems

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Multifamily Security Systems can be comprised of several different elements, however, the most common are things that help an investment property, like an apartment complex, be more modern and accessible which helps to improve revenue rates of return. The systems most often found to produce such a result are automation systems, access control systems, video surveillance systems, and intrusion alarm and monitoring systems and services. 

What are common Smart Apartment features?

We find that most Smart Apartment communities average between one to three devices.  The higher the rent the more likely they are to have more Smart Apartment devices.  The most common Brivo Smart Apartment devices we install by descending priority are locks, thermostats, lights and outlets. Many property owners are now starting to add  water detection and water shutoff devices to save on insurance costs and water events that cause huge claims and expenses.  Your Watchmen Security and Brivo Smart Apartment advisors can give you comparisons for similar properties like yours to give you an idea of what will make the most sense for your community.

How long does it take to see a return on investment?

This one is kind of tricky.  It really depends on if the purchase is based on a CapEx model or OpEx model, and how much you charge per unit.  We have found the average to be around 18 months for each of the different financial models.  Your Watchmen Security and Brivo Multifamily representative can help you model this out for your specific community and the market you are located in. Another financial consideration is the savings spent on locksmiths and maintenance people that would need to change out metal keys and locks during move outs and move ins.

Do the components need to be hard wired?

We design and deploy the Brivo Smart Apartment system.  The components do not need to be hard-wired.  This saves the property owner time and money on the installation of the system.  These components are wireless and can be controlled through the Brivo Mobile App that residents and property management team members download on their mobile devices.  Your Watchmen Security and Brivo Multifamily designers will discover, design and deploy the system in a way that works best for your property.

How much more can I make on rent?

We have found an average of $35 per month per unit.  Typically the residents will pay an additional $25 per month to be able to open their unti door with a fob or the Brivo Multifamily Mobile App on their phones.  They will pay around $50 extra if they are able if there are additional Brivo Smart Apartment components like a thermostat, lights, water detection or water shutoff.  The real benefit is in marketing your community as a Smart Apartment community and not losing new residents to competing properties that have already transitioned to Smart Apartment Technology.

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