As a business owner, you need to ensure that your investment is safe and secure. Outdoor trespasser detection is essential for any business looking to achieve effective perimeter security.

Even though various factors can affect outdoor perimeter security systems, outdoor trespasser detection can help you decrease false alarms and increase trust in your security solution in multiple ways. Let’s look at some of the challenges associated with outdoor intruder detection and some best practices for accurate outdoor detection and video surveillance systems.

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One of the key benefits of outdoor detection systems is their ability to provide more powerful and accurate protection. However, because there are multiple locations to monitor with outdoor assets, there are a few challenges associated with outdoor detection systems.

1. Successful Deployment

Organizations must ensure that outdoor detection equipment is designed and deployed correctly and optimized to provide a high level of threat visibility. While it may not be economically practicable for some businesses to put live security officers throughout their entire security infrastructure, outdoor security camera detection systems help decrease the exposure of company assets.

2. Managing Multiple Alerts

Traditional outdoor detection systems deploying motion detectors often generated a large volume of notifications, many of which may be false alarms. Smaller-sized security teams may not have the time or resources to screen every alarm, which could lead to suspicious activity going unnoticed.

Today’s new outdoor security technologies deploy artificial intelligence on outdoor security cameras.  These highly advanced cameras can determine whether the movement is a tree moving in the wind, a small animal or bird or a human being.  If the AI detects a human being in an outdoor area that is monitored during special hours, law enforcement can be dispatched immediately.

3. Investigating Alerts

System alarms don’t always present clear evidence as to what generated them. Evaluating whether or not an alarm is a legitimate threat often requires additional data and live video monitoring agents. Live agents can determine if the threat is real by making educated judgments on items like marked company cars, waste management vendors or cleaning crews.

4. Responding to Threats

Knowing how to respond to alerts and establishing measures to do so is crucial. Incident response requires well-defined protocols and highly trained security professionals who understand how to mitigate threats without disrupting day-to-day operations. This can present a challenge for some organizations.


Outdoor detection systems with video artificial intelligence are a great way to monitor your property’s perimeter but require foresight to produce consistent results. However, despite the advantages that outdoor detection systems provide, security integrators may be unclear about how to implement the security system to ensure adequate protection.

Here are some best practices to follow when considering an outdoor intrusion detection system.

1. Minimize Camera Movement

Passing automobiles, animals, and the wind can shake outdoor cameras. Because cameras work by detecting movement, it’s crucial to keep them in a stable position. To maintain a high probability of detection, consider outdoor cameras with built-in stabilization and artificial intelligence. A qualified security integrator can also mask off areas like sidewalks and roads with high traffic.

2. Combine Audio and Intrusion Detection

The team at Watchmen Security finds that combining audio talkdown technology and prerecorded messages with video surveillance is an excellent crime prevention method.

“When your surveillance camera detects a trespasser, it will automatically play a prerecorded message, informing them that you are aware of their presence and are calling the authorities. Of course, you can say whatever you want to say, but we’ve found that the trespasser will leave before committing a crime nine out of ten times when the talk down speaker is engaged.

“The next level is having the security agent come on the talk down speaker live, identify the trespasser by using a comment like mentioning the color of their shirt and then telling them to leave one last time. This combination of audio and video surveillance technology is truly one of the best ways to ward off criminals and thieves.” — Lucas Ingala, Founder and CEO of Watchmen Security Services

Talkdown technology has shown to be quite efficient in deterring intruders, essentially stopping the crime before it starts and creating a simulated on-site presence even if the operator is thousands of miles away.

3. Consider Using Dual-Sensor Cameras

To improve detection reliability, dual-sensor cameras effectively cross-check and validate signals from both sensors inside the camera, resulting in high sensitivity and low annoyance alerts. While thermal imaging is the best all-around detector, dual-sensor cameras combine thermal and visual data, giving security professionals another tool to confirm an alert.

4. Pay Attention to Camera Angles

Each camera should have its own field of view. Cameras should be mounted higher up on the property so that they are peering down over the desired area.

5. Cover Large Areas

One significant benefit of outdoor video detection systems is their extensive range, which can lower initial installation costs. You can use an outdoor security system to cover an entire area with just one or two cameras. You can also start by covering an area that needs urgent protection and then expand your system from there.

6. Be Aware of Blind Spots

Every camera has a blind spot. When a camera’s field of vision is narrowed to increase its detecting range, the blind spot under the camera grows even larger. Each camera’s view should overlap the blind spot of the camera in front of it to provide adequate perimeter security.


While every commercial surveillance system is different, outdoor security detection is a cost-effective approach to secure your most valuable assets while also giving you more peace of mind. By following the best practices described in this article, you can help protect your property from potential threats and keep your investment secure.

At Watchmen Security, we understand the importance of protecting your employees and your business.

Our in-house security experts are committed to providing our customers with high-end outdoor security detection systems that meet their unique security requirements. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you maintain better control and monitoring of your property, reduce the possibility of false alarms, and secure the perimeter of your property 24/7.

“If outdoor solutions are not designed and installed properly, it can cause a host of issues. Make sure to choose a proven provider when taking this on. Watchmen will be that for you!” — Lucas Ingala, Founder and CEO of Watchmen Security Services

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