When it comes to security in multi-family buildings and complexes, a combination of different security systems is required to keep all residents, visitors, and employees safe and secure at all times of the day.

While each tenant in an apartment complex is responsible for keeping their own unit secure, property management companies and landlords have to ensure that the property grounds and common areas are secure and serve to deter crime.

If you own an apartment building or a multi-unit housing complex, tenant safety should be your top priority. Increased security will not only make your tenants happier, but it will also benefit other aspects of your business.

In this article, we will be discussing Brivo’s revolutionary multi-family security and automation technology and how it will keep your apartment complex secure.


Cloud technology has allowed for a trend towards using remote and mobile credentials for access control, and Brivo is a company that has fully embraced the expansion of the industry.

Brivo is a cloud-based software provider specializing in feature-rich, cost-effective solutions for commercial or residential building owners who are looking to upgrade from an older, on-premises system to a modern, integrated access control system.

Brivo specializes in remotely securing your buildings and safeguarding your data, customers, and employees, all while reducing the complexity of a physical access control system.

Switching to one of Brivo’s cloud-based systems gives your employees flexibility when you are not present and provides a simple, clean, and easy-to-use user interface, allowing managers to set schedules, create groups, and control access for your tenants, guests, or employees.

Brivo communicates with access control panels via the cloud and verifies credentials without the hassles that come with server-based systems, eliminating the need for door controllers.

With a single integrated platform, users can manage visitor access, monitor the building, grant or revoke authorization, create schedules, watch recorded or live video surveillance, view reports, and much more.

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Using a cloud-based access control system opens up a new door of opportunities for cutting-edge features. Here are a few of the great features that Brivo can provide for your apartment building.

Mobile-ready user interface

Access control providers are increasingly using mobile apps and credentials, but few are as intuitive and user-friendly as Brivo.

With a mobile app that is easy to use, users can control virtually everything from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet device, including setting schedules, limiting user permissions, and creating groups with specific access permissions.

Additionally, using Bluetooth or Near-Field Communication, Brivo makes access control even more effortless by allowing users to use their smartphone or tablet device as their credentials, saving you both time and money and eliminating the need for metal keys and plastic key cards if desired.

Instead of assigning proximity or swipe cards to your tenants, simply have them download the Brivo app to their phone or tablet device, and they’ll be able to carry their credentials with them at all times.

Secure encryption

Brivo uses the same level of encryption as any server-based access control system, but because your account is in the cloud, it also provides enhanced encryption for mobile devices without jeopardizing security.

All communication between a user’s device and your access control server takes place in the cloud, rather than over an internet connection, ensuring that the connection cannot be traced or hacked, keeping business and personal information safe at all times.

Customized security reporting

Brivo is one of the most versatile tools in the access control industry, providing property owners with additional customization options for security reports.

With Brivo, you can also tether a real-time video feed to your activity log by integrating your security camera system with your access control system. This way, you can see who is accessing your building at all times.

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While property managers may be hesitant to adopt smart apartment technology, with Brivo, you can provide residents, visitors, and employees with exceptionally seamless property access and security.

Increase resident attraction and retention

One of the best ways to reduce rental turnover is to provide residents with a positive experience throughout their lease. Smart apartment technology, for example, communicates to potential tenants that convenience, security and safety are top priorities.

The more secure a building is, the more appealing it is too. With smart apartment technology, you can provide tenants with a positive and safe experience while also increasing the property’s value.

Efficiently manage your property

From collecting rent, coordinating property maintenance, establishing budgets, and screening potential tenants, you deal with a wide variety of daily demands as a property manager. As such, you should feel confident in your ability to manage your property and keep residents safe.

With Brivo, you can seamlessly monitor your property at all times, giving you the peace of mind you deserve to complete other tasks on your to-do list without having to worry about the safety and security of your building.

Improve Resident Safety

Residents’ safety will always be a top priority, and with smart apartment access control solutions, such as Brivo, tenants can safely and securely enjoy their apartment community.

From preventing fires, water leaks, and smoke damage to monitoring energy usage and building access, property managers can now monitor their apartment building, parking garage, and parking lots without the need to be on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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