Burglaries occur about every 10 seconds, and only one out of six cases result in an arrest, according to West Bend. Without an adequate video surveillance system keeping an eye on vulnerable areas of the building, it is difficult to prevent your business from suffering at the hands of wrongdoers.

Today’s advances in commercial security camera technology help provide valuable peace of mind to both you and your employees. 

From thermal analytic cameras that track heat signatures to specialized cameras that tilt, zoom, and track potentially threatening movements, security camera systems are leading the way in providing safety and security for businesses like yours.

The team at Watchmen Security has the knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge technology to help design a security system that ensures your safety and protects your business.


Piecing together the right commercial security camera system can be costly and confusing. It is important to have the right number of cameras, reliable recording and data storage devices, and enough wiring and power to run the entire security system efficiently. 

Know the Space

Walk the building, both the interior and exterior. Take note of any area that you think needs better surveillance coverage. These areas include, but are not limited to, frequently visited areas, parking lots, entrances and exits, and elevators.

Network the System

Whether using a hard drive or the cloud, adequate transmission of the video data and storage of that data is very important. Security camera systems typically work in two ways. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) requires more wiring, as well as a dedicated power supply. They record analog video and send the data through a coaxial cable. 

On the other hand, A Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Internet Protocol Camera (IPC) records directly from the camera and sends the data wirelessly to a flash drive, large storage device or cellphone by way of a dedicated operating system and router. Watchmen Security can tell you precisely the best wiring network you’ll need for your business.

Seeing is Believing

Once the camera captures the data, it needs a place to be stored and viewed. A complex security system requires monitors that are specific to each task and/or compatible cell phone applications for two-way communication and remote access to each camera in the entire network. 

Capturing and reviewing video data using this type of automation not only provides the highest and cleanest image resolution but also, most importantly, offers easily accessible and robust data in real-time.


Integrating all the components makes for a secure and dependable security system. As today’s businesses grow, employee responsibilities grow to meet the company’s demands. New departments are formed as new technology is developed. Sometimes, how the building’s security system functions largely depends on the employees themselves.

Managing this type of multiple-interface security system efficiently requires cameras for access to different parts of the building, and surveillance systems for positive user identification, proprietary employee codes, and passwords or card keys when allowing individual employees access to use the entire corporate network. 

This universal and comprehensive security design works to protect the facility, those you employ, and the integrity of the company’s private information systems.


There are many options when it comes to choosing the best type of security cameras to suit your needs.

Common Security Camera Choices

A bullet camera points in one direction and is used for long ranges covering large areas. 

Dome-style cameras are often used for interior security. Dome cameras are tucked out of the way and very discreet. It is impossible to tell where the camera is pointing, as it is hidden inside a small, discreet circular shell. 

A turret security camera is more popular than both the Dome and Bullet styles because they are free from glare, are wireless and have night vision capabilities.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom security cameras are an excellent addition to any existing motion detector, as they have strong night vision capabilities and a full 360° range of motion. 

Need a wide-angle? The Fisheye security camera can simultaneously show your entire parking lot and the adjacent lot next to your building. 

Consider utilizing a wide-variety of camera types to provide a higher level of security for your business.

Thermal Analytic Cameras

The number one reason to invest in a thermal analytic camera is its powerful combination of thermal detection and image-stabilization capabilities. In the pitch darkness of night, and the thick fog or blizzards, a thermal camera will detect heat and motion simultaneously while auto-targeting an intruder. 

Thermal analytic cameras are intuitive no matter what the distance or weather conditions and are able to perform in low-light situations. If the camera isn’t picking up clear visible detail, it’s picking up the same detail using thermal detection. 


Anytime an intrusion or break-in occurs, laboring over security footage to find the perpetrator, the point of entry, and other important details takes time and resources. Video analytics changes the way security footage is reviewed. 

Today’s security cameras have built-in analysis technology, which is smart enough to determine who is moving, where they are moving, when they are moving, and what is or isn’t criminal activity. This real-time analytic integration allows for response calls to authorities, as well as a “talk-back” feature which requests that the perpetrator stand down immediately.

If you have more questions about high-end security systems, Watchmen Security is here to help. We provide commercial security solutions in the Kansas City metro area to many businesses just like yours. 

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