If your company owns and operates out of a commercial property, then you surely understand how important it is to keep your building secure and your employees and customers feeling safe.

A seamlessly integrated security system can go a long way in giving you and your employees peace of mind and making sure that your customers feel secure as well.

Here at Watchmen Security, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of technologically-advanced security systems. We can guarantee that your commercial property will be safe from all manner of intruders, thieves, protesters and vandals.

Below we are going to talk about four reasons why a fully-integrated security system is an essential part of your building.


A security system that simply works is not going to cut it. It should be intuitive, efficient, and preventative. A security system needs to be multi-faceted, and every aspect of your security system needs to work in tandem with each other.

Think about the way integrated systems are implemented in your daily life. Notice how applications that you use often are integrated across all your different devices. Any email you receive will show up not only on your computer, but your smartphone and tablet as well.

Or anything that you add to your shopping cart on the Amazon smartphone app will still be there if you resume your shopping at a later time on your computer.

The integration of these different devices is all to help your experience be more efficient and user-friendly than ever before. The same goes for security. An integrated security system is much more effective at keeping out the bad guys.

The number of technological advancements that have been made in recent years has resulted in much smarter and more intuitive security systems.

For example, if an unauthorized person attempts to gain access to a restricted area that is protected with a passcode, smart video surveillance cameras can pinpoint the exact time that the person attempted to gain access.

This eliminates the need to comb through hours of video footage to find what you are looking for on an antiquated system.  Watchmen Security systems are based on Brivo and Eagle Eye software and allow you to view video in seconds from the cloud on any device you might have.

An integrated security system allows for all information to be accessible in a centralized location, rather than having to manage lots of different software to find related information.


As we mentioned above, an effective security system should be proactive rather than reactive. The more layers you have implemented in your security system, the more impenetrable it will be. 

Our proactive monitored commercial security approach often includes the most advanced thermal imaging cameras and a security officer on a loud talk down speaker that identifies the intruder by the color of their clothing and directs them to leave the premises immediately.  

Once the intruder knows they are on video and that the police are on their way they most likely  will leave before they do damage or steal assets.

Intruders and criminals are less likely to target your property if it’s clear that you have several state-of-the-art security systems at work that are proactively monitored by live security personnel.

In fact, many acts of thievery and fraud in the workplace are committed by employees of the company. If your employees are made aware of your highly-intuitive security system, then they are far less likely to steal or commit other infractions.


An intuitive and automated security system can reduce or even eliminate the need to have security guards employed at your company.

Not that security guards in and of themselves are bad people, but any business owner will know that any opportunity to eliminate unnecessary expenses in the company should be capitalized on. An automated security system can perform many of the tasks that security guards are hired to do. 

With advances in video surveillance technology, there is less need for a human being to monitor security feeds, because artificial intelligences can pinpoint suspicious behavior and occurrences by themselves.

Not to mention, security guards can be a liability to your company. There is always the chance that a guard could get hurt while protecting the property, which could lead to a lawsuit and a guilty conscience.

With an integrated security system, there is less of a risk of people getting caught in the line of fire.


Simply put, hiring a company like Watchmen Security to install a fully-integrated smart security system will save you money in the long run.

As we mentioned before, it reduces the expense of paying security guards, but it will save you money in so many other ways too.

Vandalism is a huge problem for commercial properties. While there are less-serious forms of vandalism like graffiti, more serious acts like destruction of property and equipment can possibly lead to a shutdown of your building and having to pay for repairs.

Strategically-placed security cameras in areas of interest can deter vandals, protesters and trespassers, preventing the need to pay for repairs or having to shut down part of your building.

Plus, having a constant live-video stream that can be retrieved and analyzed at any point acts as evidence of infractions and can help protect your business from fraud, injury, and liability claims.

A proper security system installed and managed by experienced professionals will yield a faster return on your investment than a typical by-the-numbers discount security system. 

Now let’s talk about the different types of security systems that can be integrated to work together seamlessly on your property.


Video Surveillance, Review, and Analysis

Easily the most important and most common form of security for commercial properties, a good video surveillance system is crucial to keeping your building safe and secure. They can identify suspicious people and behavior, monitor areas of interest, and detect safety hazards.

They are also a great way to collect evidence of a crime. There are many different types of surveillance cameras available on the market, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Access Control

As the name implies, access control is a form of security that prevents unauthorized personnel and intruders from gaining access to important areas of your building.

Access control systems can take the form of cell phone apps, keycard readers and passcode terminals, or even fingerprint and retinal scanners and voice recognition software.

Auditory Warning Speakers

These work in tandem with video surveillance cameras. When a camera picks up on a suspicious person or someone trespassing on your building’s grounds, an auditory signal warns them that they have been discovered and the authorities have been notified.


Different types of alarms can warn the faculty of your building about different types of security breaches, whether it be an intruder or some sort of natural disaster like a fire, tornado, or severe storm.


Sensors are great for use in conjunction with surveillance cameras. Laser sensors can be hidden in important areas and will activate if someone passes by them, notifying the authorities.

Infrared sensors are excellent for use on the exterior of buildings, because they can pick up and read heat signatures during extreme weather conditions, whereas a camera might become compromised. 

At Watchmen Security, we can help you and your business decide which security systems will be most effective for your commercial property and make sure they are implemented and integrated correctly.

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