Across the nation, closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras are growing in popularity, not just on the East Coast, but across the United States. These cameras are compact and difficult to spot, yet film at a resolution undreamed off a mere decade. While the official use of these cameras has seen a great deal of controversy since their large scale introduction a decade ago, they are popular in surveys asking about the average person’s concerns about crime and terrorist threats. Whether it’s in embattled Baltimore or across the Atlantic in London, more and more CCTV security cameras are being put into use by both police departments and private individuals.

Kansas City security cameras have been in use by private businesses and home owners for some years now, practically since the technology became affordable by banks and slowly dropping in price until even corner stores and ordinary home owners could afford to line their buildings with functional security camera set ups. While the technology is improving in both functionality and price, it does still remain a high end item for home owners who want to maximize their home’s safety. Larger businesses will likely find good security cameras more essential to maintaining profitability, making them even more prolific in commercial and retail buildings.

Many people are asking across the country if security cameras actually deter crime. Some statistical analysis show that surveillance cameras, as well as a fully integrated system of listening devices and up to the second reports in East Orange, New Jersey (a city notorious for its high crime rate) reduce crime by fifty percent between 2003 and 2006. Murders declined by roughly two thirds their previous rate, while rapes were reduced by almost a third of their pre-system rates; robberies saw a sharp drop to half their previous rate. The New York City Police Department likewise found that their security systems that became the subject of some national controversy a decade ago reduced criminal activities in public housing projects by 35 percent.

In 2007 alone, the police of Baltimore, Maryland reported that their integrated network of security cameras and other safety devices reduced crime in their city by 17 percent. Nearby and equally struggling Philadelphia reduced a 37 percent drop in criminal activities after installing their crime cameras. Cost savings are also quite significant; in Baltimore alone, the reduced policing costs to the city from the security cameras saved the city 1.50 USD for ever 1 USD they spent on the system. There is no reason to believe that Kansas City security cameras will be any less effect in America’s heartland.

Other studies have found contrary results, some of which directly contradict the information coming out of the police departments of cities across the nation. While there are quite a few conflicting factors in determining the true effectiveness of a CCTV security system, many police departments swear by their effectiveness, both in preventing and solving crimes. These systems are getting cheaper and more powerful annually and most security experts feel they are the wave of the future.

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