Door access control systems are a security measure that have been around for a very long time. In the past, access control “technology” took the form of simple keys and deadbolts. As long as someone had the matching key for a particular door or lock, they could come and go as much as they pleased.

These days, technology has advanced and so have security systems. Companies today typically opt for access control solutions like card readers, mobile apps and other types of recognition software that reads biometrics to permit access to approved individuals.

Some companies have even taken it a step further by fully integrating all aspects of their security system with one another. In this guide we are going to discuss how door access control systems can be fully integrated with all the other facets of a security system. But first, we should probably explain what an integrated security system is and how it can benefit you.


Integrated and cloud-based security systems have become an increasingly popular choice for business owners and building managers who are looking to establish a safe environment for their employees and customers to conduct business or for tenants to live in.

Integrated security systems take all the different layers of security and compile them all into a single smart solution. All facets of an integrated security system are managed from a single location like a piece of management software on a computer or an app on a smartphone.

Seamlessly-integrated security systems can benefit companies in several different ways. They are far more efficient than non-integrated systems, minimize spending costs on security, reduce the need for security guards, and have preventative measures built in to stop crimes from occurring in the first place.


Access control systems can benefit greatly from being integrated with the rest of your security system. An integrated access control system can utilize features such as only allowing access via an approved mobile device (which we will discuss shortly) and scalability to give access to pre-approved individuals. 

For example, more advanced types of access control systems allow building managers to permit access to certain areas for particular individuals, but also restrict them from accessing other areas. Not all door access control systems allow for this level of customization so it is important to ensure that yours does if certain areas contain assets or sensitive information.

Some security solutions even allow for access to certain doors and areas via the use of smartphone apps. As long as an employee has their smartphone on them, they can access any area of the building that they need to be able to access on a regular basis. 

The use of smartphones for access control is not only convenient for users but it is actually more secure than using traditional key cards. Using readily available technology that is sold on sites like Amazon, many keycards can be easily cloned in seconds just by being in close proximity to the card.

Security software programs have become much smarter in general. Many software programs can track the number of times that a person has accessed a particular door, which can tip off managers to any suspicious activity. 

Access timeframes can also be implemented as well. For example, one employee may only be able to access a particular area on Mondays, whereas another employee might only be able to access the same area between 8 to 10 AM on Wednesdays.

Cloud-based access control pulls from a database of approved employees and workers and uses that to determine who can gain access to specific areas, whether that’s via card access readers, facial recognition software, or even other advanced forms of security like fingerprint and retinal scanners.

Access control systems that have been integrated with other security systems increase usability for authorized users, while being more difficult to crack for security threats.


Door access control systems can be integrated with many other facets of a security system in order to increase the overall effectiveness of a building’s security.

Video Surveillance

One of the most important and most common forms of security for commercial properties, a good video surveillance system is crucial to keeping your building safe and secure. They can identify suspicious people and behavior, monitor areas of interest, and detect safety hazards.

They are also a great way to collect evidence of a crime. There are many different types of surveillance cameras available on the market, all of which come with their own strengths and weaknesses.

If video surveillance is paired with door lock access control, this can provide added security to highly important areas. If a person tries to gain access to an area and fails multiple times, security cameras can automatically target the individual and notify an access manager of the event.

Auditory Warning Speakers

Auditory warning speakers can be used in conjunction with access control systems as a way of notifying somebody who has tried and failed too many times to gain access to a particular area that the area is being locked down until the proper authorities get the system back up and running again.


Different types of alarms can warn the faculty of your building about different types of security breaches, whether it be an intruder or some sort of natural disaster like a fire, tornado, or severe storm. An alarm can sound to alert the entire building if an intruder is attempting to gain access to certain areas of the building.


Sensors are great for use in conjunction with access control systems and surveillance cameras. Laser sensors can be hidden in important areas and will activate if someone passes by them, notifying the authorities. 

Infrared sensors are excellent for use on the exterior of buildings, because they can pick up and read heat signatures during extreme weather conditions, whereas a camera might become compromised.

Watchmen Security specializes in security system installation, whether it is a cloud-based system or a more traditional on-premise security system. We can also fully integrate all aspects of your security system, including access controlvideo surveillance, and intrusion detection and prevention.

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