If you are like most other business owners, then you have probably been relying on an on-premise commercial building security system for a long time now.

By doing so, you are putting your company’s sensitive information at unnecessary risk. The advent of cloud technology has opened up new avenues for increased security in commercial buildings.

Cloud-based commercial security systems are becoming the best way to keep your business safe, and on-premise security systems are beginning to become outdated due to the advancements of hackers and data-breachers.

Upgrading your security to a cloud-based system is the best way to keep you and your employees, customers, and business secure.


An on-premise security system is exactly what the name implies. All the required hardware and equipment is located on the property and is managed by an in-house security team. 

As cloud-based security systems have increased in popularity, the faults of on-premise security systems have become especially glaring. However, back when on-premise security was the best available option these faults were easier to ignore.

Today? Not so much.

Highly Expensive

On-premise commercial security systems are very expensive. Because they require so much on-site hardware and software, property owners have to pay a lot of money up front in order to get the equipment up and running.

Plus, a security team has to be hired to run the equipment, and a specialized IT team is required in case the hardware malfunctions or needs to be updated. More employees leads to higher labor costs.

Susceptible to Human Error

As is always the case, any system that is run by people is susceptible to human error. This could take the form of several things, all of which can put your sensitive information at risk.

Suspicious activity or stolen data could simply go undetected by your security team, especially if they have not been properly trained.

Of course, a disgruntled employee who still has access to the system could prove to be a major threat to your business’s security if they decide to leak or steal valuable company information. A system that is run by humans has an increased risk of becoming compromised.

Less Secure

To put it bluntly, on-premise security systems just aren’t as secure as they need to be. In 2013, Target suffered from an infamous data breach. Hackers stole eleven gigabytes of data, compromising the financial security of nearly 110 million debit/credit-card shoppers.

A case study has been released detailing how this security breach occurred and how Target could have prevented the attack with increased security measures. This attack highlights some of the major issues that can arise when utilizing an on-premise security system.


Business owners have relied on on-premise security systems for a long time now, whereas cloud-based technologies have only risen in popularity in the last couple of decades. Thus, people are hesitant to leave their sensitive information “floating around” in the cloud.

Our team here at Watchmen Security hopes to push those worries aside. Cloud-based security actually eliminates a number of the downsides that come with an on-premise security system and has several benefits to offer that make it the superior option.

Minimal Cost

Because cloud-based security relies on the servers of a third-party security provider, there is no need to purchase the expensive hardware and software that is required by an on-site security system.

Cloud-based security merely requires a subscription to a particular security provider in order to utilize their services, significantly negating the number of unexpected repair and replace unbudgeted costs that come with an in-house security system.

Provides a Higher Level of Security

Information that is stored in a secure location that is separate from your commercial properties has a decreased risk of becoming compromised by hackers or employees with bad intentions.

Security providers store information in highly-secure multiple back-up locations that are fortified against potential threats, and natural disasters. 

Data centers usually sport strengthened walls and advanced fire/temperature-regulation systems to prevent fires and other freak accidents from destroying the information.

Easily Scalable

One area where cloud-based security is unarguably superior to on-premise security is scalability. If a business begins to grow at an unprecedented rate, then it will eventually require more storage space due to an increased amount of data.

An on-premise security system would have to be completely overhauled and undergo extensive hardware replacement in order to accommodate for the increased storage needs, whereas a cloud-based security system can be expanded almost immediately.

This is especially useful for a company that has a large number of remote employees, allowing them to access necessary information with ease.

Reduces Downtime

Downtime can be a significant issue when it comes to maintaining a large amount of information. In the event that a server malfunctions, data could either be inaccessible for a prolonged period of time or be lost altogether.

Cloud-based security minimizes this risk by providing back-ups of information in and security video  the event of a server malfunction.


Brivo is a cloud-based security measure that eliminates the need for keycards and other forms of identification. It is a highly-advanced security solution that is both extremely safe and easy to use.

The entire system is designed to be integrated with mobile devices, allowing for a level of convenience that cannot be found elsewhere. It allows property owners to have constant access to the video surveillance system and lockdown access to specific areas of the building.

Employees can use it to unlock doors and access control systems with a simple press of a button and it can even be customized to each user’s liking with features like the ability to add ‘favorite’ doors.

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