The COVID-19 pandemic flipped our entire world on its head. It impacted the lives of billions of people and millions of American citizens. It seems as though things are finally returning to normal. Vaccinations are available; many cities and counties no longer require masks, and most establishments are open for business.

However, COVID-19 negatively impacted another crucial aspect of our existence, one that people often forget about: security. To Watchmen Security, security is having peace of mind and knowing you are safe no matter where you are, especially when you’re at work or home.

Businesses allow more of their employees to work from home than ever before, which leaves office buildings empty and turns them into prime targets for criminal activity.

Not all employees like to work from home; some prefer to keep their offices and homes separate to maintain healthy work-life balances. The employees who choose to work in the office find that they don’t feel as secure as they once did. Offices are far emptier now, which has contributed significantly to the rise in crime since COVID-19 began.

Parking lots and parking garages are a significant area of concern. Parking garages and especially parking lots are easy to sneak into, making them highly favorable to criminals. Due to a lack of foot traffic, workers walking to and from their cars are particularly vulnerable to muggings and assaults. Nighttime is especially dangerous, which can deter people from working late if they have extra tasks they want to complete.


This rise in criminal activity requires an increase in security technology. Most businesses, if they even have a security system, use a traditional on-site security system. Business owners often neglect their security, failing to perform regular maintenance and tests. In the case of conventional security systems, this neglect leads to performance issues, outdated technology, or systems that flat-out don’t work.

The security experts here at Watchmen believe that cloud-based security technology is on its way to becoming the new normal. Cloud security systems allow business owners and security professionals to monitor their video surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world. Some cloud security camera cameras, like Eagle Eye, even notify the building owner when a camera goes offline, reducing security downtime. Issues like these can cause security breaches.

A business owner’s responsibility is to make sure their employees are safe from harm and criminal activity. The additional security features and the technological superiority of a cloud-based system can make all the difference.


What do we mean by “frictionless security?” Manufacturers specifically design frictionless security systems to be simple to access for those authorized to access them. Watchmen Security’s goal is for your employees to get from their cars to the interior of your building (where it’s safe) as soon as possible, and a frictionless system can help accomplish this goal.

The less time they spend in the parking lot or garage, the less opportunity for a criminal to make their move. Thus, if an employee has to fumble around with a keycard, keypad, or worse, an actual key ring, they are exposing themselves to the dangers of the parking lot. This is even more of an issue at nighttime, as visibility is low, and fewer witnesses are around.

Frictionless access control systems, like Brivo, allow employees to unlock doors with smartphone apps or key fobs similar to the ones cars use. Mobile apps and fobs ensure that employees can get into the building quickly while also minimizing snags (such as an employee dropping their keys or trying to locate the correct key) that may hinder them from doing so.

Metal key locks are far easier to pick than advanced access control technology. Access control systems, especially those that rely on mobile apps or key fobs, often deter criminals from trying to gain access to a facility. State-of-the-art access control systems signify to criminals that the building owner means business and is serious about their security. Most criminals will decide that the risk is too great and will move on to an easier target.

“In the era that we are currently experiencing, the fear of spreading germs is at an all-time high. Frictionless access control systems help eliminate the germ spreading, as they don’t require physical contact for employees to access the premises. A frictionless system could convince employees who are averse to physical contact with locks, keypads, and door handles to return to the office.” — Lucas Ingala, CEO/Founder of Watchmen Security Services


It is imperative that you keep your employees and office building safe from criminal activity. Watchmen Security can help you in this regard. If you are interested in upgrading your security system, schedule a consultation with us. We will walk through the interior of your building and analyze the exterior to determine weaknesses in your security and recommend an optimal solution for your business.

We partner with security technology companies like Eagle Eye and Brivo to provide our customers with state-of-the-art security cameras, access control systems, alarms, and other essential security equipment. We also offer maintenance programs to ensure that your systems work correctly and remain updated with the latest software patches.

Workplace security is more critical now than ever before, which is why it’s time to upgrade. Reach out to the Watchmen Security team today to schedule your free consultation!

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