Watchmen Security Services Integrates Brivo Access Control

A Holistic Solution for Multifamily Communities

At Watchmen Security Services, we believe in securing communities with cutting-edge technology that offers convenience, safety, and peace of mind. That’s why we are proud to integrate Brivo Access Control and Brivo Smart Apartment as the ultimate single source solution for multifamily properties. With its comprehensive features, Brivo brings together the power of modern access control to cater to every aspect of community security, making it the ideal choice for property managers seeking a holistic solution.

Our ideal multifamily relationships are with multifamily developers and owners that are open minded. Open to the concept that investments in door access and Smart Apartment technology may be able to improve their resident and property manager experiences while also increasing net operating income and property value. 

Research shows that today’s residents are willing to pay higher rents for the convenience of having one app that allows them to move through their community without the need for keys, fobs or two disparate systems . The Brivo system allows one app for parking and garage gates, elevators, common areas and the individual units. One app that literally takes the resident from the curb to their couch.

Owners, property managers and facility managers like the idea of having a system that allows them to check in on properties from any connected device and from anywhere they happen to be. The Brivo system also allows for developers to view all of their properties on one pane of glass.

At Watchmen Security we are proud to deliver the Brivo system to multifamily developers and owners all over the U.S. We have found that developers and owners love the idea of having one low voltage provider that can work with them all over the country. The future of multifamily door access is Brivo, and Watchmen Security Services can be your source for one stop multifamily door access and security.

Common Area Access

One of the primary concerns for property managers in multifamily communities is ensuring secure access to common areas. Traditional methods like physical keys or key cards can be cumbersome, easily lost, or copied without authorization. Brivo Access Control revolutionizes common area access management by offering state-of-the-art cloud-based technology.

With Brivo, property managers can grant access to residents, staff, and authorized personnel remotely, without the need for physical keys. This not only streamlines the access process but also enhances security by eliminating the risks associated with lost or duplicated keys. The cloud-based platform allows property managers to manage access from anywhere, at any time, ensuring residents and personnel can enjoy the amenities safely and conveniently.

Individual Unit Access

Brivo Access Control goes beyond just securing common areas; it also provides a seamless solution for individual unit access. Through the Brivo mobile app, residents can unlock their units using their smartphones, making traditional keys obsolete. This convenient feature eliminates the hassle of carrying and managing physical keys, enhancing resident satisfaction and convenience.

Additionally, the mobile app allows residents to grant temporary access to visitors or service providers, further streamlining the guest management process. Whether it’s a package delivery or a friend visiting, residents can ensure secure access without being physically present. Brivo Access Control truly empowers residents to have control over their living spaces, fostering a sense of security and belonging within the community.

Attractive Resident Amenities

In today’s competitive multifamily property market, attractive resident amenities play a crucial role in attracting and retaining tenants. Brivo Access Control helps property managers elevate the overall resident experience by integrating access control with these amenities.

Imagine residents being able to reserve and access the fitness center, lounge, or pool area through their smartphones effortlessly. Brivo makes this a reality by enabling mobile-based access to various amenities. Residents will appreciate the convenience and security of this seamless experience, enhancing their satisfaction with the community and increasing their loyalty.

Property Management Tools

Managing a multifamily property involves juggling numerous responsibilities, from maintenance and security to resident communication. Brivo Access Control is not just a resident-focused solution; it also offers powerful property management tools to simplify daily operations.

Through the Brivo cloud-based dashboard, property managers can efficiently manage access permissions for different areas, residents, and staff members. Customizable access levels ensure that only authorized personnel can enter sensitive areas, maintaining a high level of security.

Moreover, Brivo’s comprehensive reporting and audit trail features offer valuable insights into access activities. Property managers can track and monitor access events in real-time, empowering them to identify any security concerns and take prompt action. With Brivo’s advanced reporting capabilities, property managers can optimize operations, enhance security protocols, and ensure compliance with ease.

Why Brivo Access Control is the Single Source Solution

What sets Brivo Access Control apart is its ability to consolidate all access control needs into a single, unified platform. Rather than dealing with multiple vendors and disparate systems for common areas, unit access, and property management, Brivo offers a seamless, integrated solution. This simplifies the process for property managers and ensures smooth coordination among various components of community security.

Additionally, Brivo’s cloud-based nature provides scalability, flexibility, and adaptability. Whether you manage a small multifamily property or a sprawling community, Brivo can accommodate your needs and grow with your property. The platform’s ability to integrate with other smart devices and building systems further enhances its value as a comprehensive, future-ready solution.

Secure Your Multifamily Community with Brivo Access Control

At Watchmen Security Services, we understand the challenges property managers face in securing and managing multifamily communities. Brivo Access Control offers the perfect answer by providing a holistic solution that covers common area access, individual unit access, attractive resident amenities, and efficient property management tools.

The convenience, security, and resident satisfaction that Brivo brings to multifamily properties make it an invaluable investment for any property manager. By centralizing access control and streamlining security operations, Brivo enables property managers to focus on providing exceptional living experiences for their residents.

If you are a property manager looking to take your multifamily community’s security to the next level, we encourage you to get in touch with Watchmen Security Services today. Contact our office or submit a request for a quote on our website, and our team of experts will be delighted to assist you in implementing Brivo Access Control for your property. Embrace the power of a holistic solution, and experience the difference it can make in your community’s safety and success.

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