Since their introduction nearly 40 years ago, key card technology has remained mostly unchanged. Even as technology evolves and human behavior shifts, many people still rely on key cards for their access control security needs, even though these are no longer always secure.

Many property and business owners are continually concerned about security, leading many of them to search for the best ways to protect their property, employees, and visitors. In this article, we will look at recent comments made by HID Global regarding the security of access cards and give you a brief overview of why Watchmen Security and Brivo access control solutions provide you with comprehensive 24/7 protection.

Continue reading below to learn more and discover why Watchmen Security is the preferred choice for access control for business owners and property owners alike in the midwest and why Brivo, with over 20 years in the cloud and over 27 million users, is recognized as the international leader in door access security.


At the 2021 IPVM Access Control Show, HID Global, one of the world’s largest security companies, stated that only 9% of the current credentials market uses secure technology.

According to Jim Dearing, Director of Product Marketing at HID Global, “When you look at high-frequency credentials, nearly 9% of the market is what we would call a ‘secure technology,’ and the rest is kind of potentially insecure.”

Dearing went on to say that nearly 40% of the credentials sold in 2019 are easily copied 125 kHz formats. “Around 60% of market revenues in 2019 was high frequency, and around 39% was low frequency, globally. These access credentials are inexpensively and quickly duplicated with gadgets easily purchased off the internet,” said Dearing.

Although many end-users generally know the vulnerability of 125 kHz formats, most do not believe the risk is significant enough to justify spending money on secure readers and credentials. Furthermore, even secure credential formats like 13.56 MHz systems can be used insecurely, especially when those formats do not use encrypted information to identify the credential.

HID continued by stating that many 13.56 MHz systems use unencrypted/easily readable Card Serial Numbers (CSN), also known as Unique ID (UID), which are statically written to the credential.

While HID states that “CSN should never be used for physical or logical access control,” it frequently is because it is the only data used to reference a system’s users and the credentials they are issued.

These numbers are insecure since no encryption key is required to read/unlock them, and they may be read by any 13.56 MHz reader, circumventing the credential’s potential encryption. Because these numbers are typically static and cannot be changed, the usage of undetectable duplicates by an access control system could potentially occur from copying this permanent number.

However, despite the risks, CSNs/UIDs are still widely utilized by access control systems, particularly those that are ‘basic’ or use legacy 125 kHz formats that do not support credential encryption.

As a result, HID Global suggests using Multi-Factor Access (MFA) credentials when using any potentially insecure formats, stating that the additional layers that MFA provides can increase security for access control use.

“You can layer in things like multi-factor and two-factor authentication. For example, I could use a 125 kHz card, but I could be using it in combination with a keypad reader or a biometric reader, which mitigates the risk a little bit,” said Dearing.


If you want to improve your commercial building security, access control with Watchmen Security and Brivo provides you with a quality and secure solution. Here are a few key advantages that Watchmen Security access control systems can provide to your facility’s overall security.

  • Lock and unlock doors wherever you are with a secure key card/fob, keypad combination that is unique to each individual or the Brivo Mobile Pass.
  • Revoke or add access for new or terminated employees with a few easy keystrokes from any device and from anywhere at any time.
  • Created automated locking rules based on your preferences.

Lock and Unlock Doors Wherever You Are

Watchmen Security and Brivo access control solutions allow you to easily configure access authorities from your smartphone or tablet device, limiting access to only those who need it.

Revoke Access for Employees

Watchmen Security and Brivo access control also allows you to quickly revoke access permissions for individuals who are no longer employed by your company, allowing you to keep your business premises secure at all times.

Create Automated Locking Rules

With Watchmen Security access control systems, you can now set up automated lock and unlock schedules for your security system, allowing you to provide access to specific doors or employees on particular days and times. In the event of an emergency or active shooter scenario, all doors can be locked down with one quick action.


If you want to improve the security in your building or get rid of a traditional keycard or keypad entry system, Watchmen Security and Brivo access control systems make facility management flexible and straightforward. Here are some of the many benefits you can expect from your Watchmen Security access control solution.

  • Simplified access for authorized personnel
  • Cost-effective security strategy
  • Smart personnel and visitor tracking system
  • Protection from data loss or breaches
  • Safer working environment

Simplified Access for Authorized Personnel

With access control, your employees can simply use their programmed credentials or smartphone device to access the building or secure areas.

Cost-Effective Security Strategy

Unlike traditional keycard systems, access control allows you to deactivate an access card and replace it with a new one, meaning there’s no need to change locks, re-issue new keys, or hire security personnel to maintain building safety.

Smart Personnel and Visitor Tracking System

Another advantage of access control systems is that they allow you to keep track of who enters and leaves your building, allowing you to observe who used their credentials to gain access to a specific area in the event of a security breach. Many Watchmen Security Brivo access control clients choose to pair Eagle Eye video surveillance with their Brivo access control so they can have video evidence of who is entering and leaving buildings and secure areas.

Protection from Data Loss or Breaches

Access control can also be used to require credentials before entering critical areas like data centers and server rooms, guaranteeing that your facility’s safety and security needs are met.

Safer Working Environment

With access control, unwanted or unauthorized individuals are less likely to enter your facility, ensuring that everyone in the building is permitted to be there and safe at all times. Employees feel safer at work when their employer invests in access control technology. Safety at work is becoming increasingly more important as people search for new employment or decide whether or not to stay with a current employer.


By investing in access control technology, businesses in all industries will benefit from a system that helps secure company assets and creates a safe workplace for employees and visitors. If you’re a business owner or building manager looking to improve the security of your property, Watchmen Security can help.

“What we find often when looking at access control for a client is that they already have outdated equipment. Or sometimes they are getting quoted outdated and inferior equipment that poses a very serious security risk. With outdated technology, you really are putting yourself out there for something very bad to happen to your people or property.

I know you want to be a protector for your employees and business, In order to do that your property needs to be safe and secure. Install equipment that is fully encrypted for today’s criminal threats so you can stop worrying and sleep better at night.  We believe that safety scenario is better accomplished with a professional installation and design that utilizes today’s best technology.” — Lucas Ingala, Founder and CEO of Watchmen Security Services

Watchmen Security is proud to be one of the top security companies in Kansas City, and we remain committed to providing our customers with the best possible access control systems for their needs. Our team of professional security experts is equipped with top-of-the-line security equipment, and we have helped thousands of local building owners protect their facilities with specialized commercial building security systems.

If you would like to learn more about how an access control system could benefit your property, contact Watchmen Security today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

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